Why Do Cats Sleep So Much In Summer?

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As the weather warms up, you may notice your feline friend sleeping more than usual. This is because cats sleep more in summer as a way to beat the heat. Unlike humans, cats don’t sweat through their skin to cool down. Instead, they rely on sleeping and other behaviors to lower their body temperature when it’s hot outside.

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much In Summer

Cats are smart and instinctively know that exerting energy in hot weather will cause them to overheat. So rather than running around on a sweltering day, they wisely conserve their energy by sleeping.

How Many Hours a Day Do Cats Sleep in Summer?

On a normal day, the average cat sleeps around 16 hours per day. But when summertime comes along, some cats will sleep up to 20 hours a day!

Kittens and senior cats also tend to sleep more than adult cats in general. Kittens need extra sleep for growth and development, while older cats have less energy and need more rest.

So if your cat is sleeping a few more hours than usual on a hot summer day, this is perfectly normal behavior. It simply means they are listening to their natural instincts to stay cool.

Cooling Down By Sleeping on Cold Surfaces

Cooling Down By Sleeping on Cold Surfaces

One way cats try to lower their body temperature in summer is by sleeping on cooler surfaces around your home.

You may notice your cat napping in places like the bathtub, tile floors, or near open windows where it’s cooler. The chilled surfaces act like a natural ice pack for your cat!

Make sure your cat has access to these favorite cool sleeping spots in your home when it’s hot outside. You can even set out a gel cooling mat or frozen water bottle wrapped in a towel to create additional cooling zones for your feline.

Less Active and More Lethargic in Hot Weather

When the temperature climbs, your lively cat may suddenly become a lot less active. Rather than dashing around batting their toys, they’re more likely to lazily watch from a shady spot instead.

This lethargic behavior in hot weather is due to cats conserving their energy. They know that running around in the heat will cause them to pant and overexert themselves.

To avoid getting overheated, cats become more idle on scorching days. Don’t be surprised if your cat refuses to budge from their napping place even when you try to entice them to play!

Longer and Deeper Cat Naps

Longer and Deeper Cat Naps

Another way to tell that cats sleep more in summer is that their naps become longer and deeper.

While cats take frequent short cat naps year-round, their snoozing sessions get extended during the summer. Your cat may slumber in one spot for many hours at a time on a hot day rather than waking up every few minutes to switch positions.

This longer, deeper sleep allows their body temperature to remain lower for a prolonged period. So let your cat enjoy those lengthy summer siestas – they are actually a smart survival technique!

Grooming Helps Cats Stay Cool Too

In addition to sleeping more in hot weather, you may also notice your cats grooming themselves more often. As cats lick and lightly salivate on their coats, the moisture evaporates from their fur which has a cooling effect.

This is another ingenious way cats try to beat the heat and minimize the amount of energy they expend. After all, it takes a lot less effort to give their fur a few licks than to run around playing!

Signs Your Cat is Too Hot

While sleeping more in summer is normal, excessive lethargy or other signs of heat distress mean your cat is dangerously overheated.

Warning signs your cat is too hot include:

  • Heavy panting
  • Drooling
  • Red or swollen tongue
  • Increased heart rate
  • Refusing to eat
  • Vomiting

If you notice any of these symptoms along with unusual lethargy, move your cat to a cooler area immediately and contact your vet. Left untreated, heatstroke in cats can be fatal.

How to Keep Your Cat Cool in Summer

To make sure your feline friend stays comfortable and safe in hot weather:

  • Ensure your cat has constant access to fresh, cool water to prevent dehydration. Consider adding ice cubes to their water bowl.
  • Set up shady, well-ventilated rest areas around your home.
  • Brush your cat frequently to remove excess fur. Avoid shaving longhaired cats though.
  • Make sure your cat can access cooler floors like tile or wood.
  • Keep the air conditioning on or use fans to improve airflow.
  • Place ice packs or cooling mats in your cat’s favorite sleeping areas.
  • Limit exercise to early morning or evening when it’s cooler outdoors.
  • Ask your vet about cat-safe heat regulators that can help prevent overheating.


Why do cats pant more in summer?

Cats pant to help lower their body temperature, just like dogs. So you may notice your cat panting more in summer as the weather warms up. Panting allows evaporative cooling to take place – as saliva evaporates off your cat’s tongue, it has a cooling effect. However, heavy panting can be a sign your cat is dangerously overheated and needs to be moved to a cooler area immediately. Contact your vet if panting is excessive.

Should I wake my cat to make sure they drink water in summer?

It’s best not to wake your cat from a deep sleep. Cats can become startled or irritated if suddenly awoken. The best way to ensure your cat is staying hydrated in summer is to provide plenty of fresh, cool water around your home. Consider placing bowls near their favorite sleeping areas so water is readily available when they wake up. You can also add ice cubes to the water to entice drinking. But let your cat wake up naturally so their sleep cycles stay undisturbed.

Why does my cat nap outside in summer?

You may notice your cat napping in shady, cool spots outdoors like under bushes or on garden chairs. Napping outside in summer allows them to take advantage of any breeze and stay cooler than being cooped up indoors. Their light dozing also lets them remain alert to any potential predators. Make sure your cat has access to shaded, sheltered spots for their outdoor siestas. And ensure they come inside before the temperature peaks each day.

Should I be concerned if my cat stops playing in summer?

It’s very normal for cats to become less active and not want to play as much in summer. Their instincts tell them to conserve energy when it’s hot out rather than expend extra energy playing. Try engaging your cat in short play sessions during the coolest parts of the day such as early morning or evening. But don’t force play if your cat seems uninterested – sleeping more truly helps them stay healthy in summer.

Why does my cat sleep on my laptop in the summer?

You may find your cat napping on warm surfaces like your laptop or iPad in summer. The gentle warmth from these electronics can be soothing to your cat when trying to stay cozy in air-conditioned rooms. Just supervise to make sure your cat doesn’t block vents or cause overheating issues with the electronics. And be sure to move your cat once you need to use your devices again!


While it may seem like your feline turns into an extra lazy bone when summer rolls around, sleeping more is actually a smart survival adaptation. Cat bodies are designed to conserve energy in hot conditions.

So let your cat catch up on their beauty rest all season long. Just be sure to provide plenty of water, shade, and cooling spots so they can beat the heat! If you notice any signs of heat distress, however, contact your vet right away.

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