Can Cats Eat Oreo?

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Oreo cookies are an iconic snack that many pet owners enjoy sharing with their furry friends. However, you should not feed Oreo cookies to cats. While a bite or two likely won’t cause major issues, Oreos provide no nutritional value and contain ingredients that can be harmful to cats.

Can Cats Eat Oreo

As obligate carnivores, cats need a diet primarily based on meat. Sugary processed snacks like Oreos are considered “empty calories” for cats, meaning they provide calories but no beneficial nutrients. Regularly feeding Oreos and other sweets can lead to obesity, diabetes, and other health problems in cats.

Additionally, Oreos contain cocoa powder, which can be dangerous for cats. Let’s explore why Oreos and other chocolate cookies aren’t good treats for cats.

Why Are Oreos Bad for Cats?

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There are several reasons why Oreo cookies and other chocolate snacks are unhealthy options for cats:

  • High in sugar: Oreos contain lots of added sugar, which cats don’t need in their diet. Too much sugar can cause obesity, diabetes, dental issues, and more.
  • Contains cocoa: The cocoa powder in Oreos has compounds like caffeine and theobromine that are toxic to cats. Even small amounts found in Oreos could cause vomiting, diarrhea, and heart issues.
  • Lack of nutrients: Oreos provide empty calories without any beneficial vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients that cats need. This can lead to deficiencies over time.
  • Can cause weight gain: The added sugar and fat in Oreos can quickly cause cats to gain weight, especially if given regularly. Obesity shortens cats’ lifespans and causes other health problems.
  • Risk of choking: Cats may try to scarf down or swallow Oreo cookies whole, which could present a choking hazard. It’s safer to avoid this temptation altogether.

While Oreos aren’t immediately toxic, the health risks associated with regular consumption make them an unwise treatment choice for cats. There are many healthier snack alternatives cats will enjoy.

Are Any Types of Oreos Safe for Cats?

Even though some Oreo varieties like Golden Oreos don’t contain chocolate, they still have many of the same downsides associated with original Oreos.

All Oreo cookies contain added sugar and fat without providing real nutritional value for cats. While the lack of chocolate makes them slightly less risky, they should still be avoided as regular cat treats.

An occasional lick of Oreo cream or a small crumb probably won’t cause issues. But no type of Oreo cookie should become a routine part of your cat’s diet. It’s best to keep Oreos and similar snacks out of reach of curious cats.

Can Too Many Oreos Kill a Cat?

Eating Oreo cookies likely won’t cause immediate death in an otherwise healthy cat. However, regularly feeding Oreos to cats can lead to potentially fatal health conditions over time.

Consuming Oreos often can lead to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other problems that shorten cats’ lifespans and seriously impact their quality of life. Eating even a few Oreos could potentially trigger congestive heart failure in cats with pre-existing heart conditions.

While a single Oreo cookie likely won’t kill a cat, the health risks are too high to make them a regular treat. It’s best to avoid Oreos and seek out healthier snack alternatives your cat will enjoy.

What Should I Do If My Cat Eats Oreos?

If your cat manages to sneak an Oreo or two, take note of how it reacts over the following 24 hours. Signs of a reaction can include:

  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Increased thirst or urination
  • Lethargy
  • Fast breathing or heart rate

Most cats that eat a small amount of Oreo will pass it without incident. But if you notice any concerning symptoms, call your vet right away. Prompt treatment can help prevent serious complications.

You should also contact your vet or poison control if your cat eats a large quantity of Oreos. The more they ingest, the higher the risk of toxicity and other health impacts. Don’t wait to see if symptoms develop.

Healthier Treat Alternatives for Cats

The easiest way to keep your cat from consuming unhealthy human foods like Oreos is not having them in your home. But if you do crave the occasional sweet treat, enjoy them responsibly and offer your cat a healthier alternative.

Here are some nutritious snacks cats love:

  • Lean meats: Bake or boil plain chicken, turkey, beef, or fish with no oil or seasoning. Cats love meat!
  • Scrambled eggs: Cook plain eggs without oil or salt for an easy protein-packed snack.
  • Fruits: Cats can eat small amounts of fruits like bananas, cantaloupe, apples, and blueberries. Avoid grapes and citrus fruits.
  • Veggies: Some cats enjoy veggies like steamed green beans, peas, and carrots. Avoid garlic, onions, and other toxic veggies.
  • Commercial cat treats: Look for treats made from high-quality ingredients with no artificial additives. Treats should make up no more than 10% of your cat’s daily calories.


What are the main ingredients in Oreos that are bad for cats?

Oreos contain two main ingredients that can be problematic for cats – cocoa powder and high amounts of sugar. Cocoa contains compounds called caffeine and theobromine that are toxic to cats, even in small doses. Too much sugar can lead to obesity, diabetes, and dental disease in cats.

If my cat eats one Oreo, will it get sick?

One Oreo is unlikely to make a cat seriously ill. But it provides no health benefits and could cause minor stomach upset. It’s best not to offer any Oreos so your cat doesn’t develop a taste for these unhealthy cookies.

Can diabetic cats have a small bite of Oreo?

No, Oreos are especially dangerous for cats with diabetes. The high sugar content can severely spike blood sugar levels. Diabetic cats should avoid all sweets, including Oreos.

Are Oreo crumbs or licks of filling okay?

It’s best not to let your cat lick Oreo filling or eat any crumbs. While very small amounts may not cause illness, allowing licking or nibbling can encourage your cat to beg for more cookies.


While Oreos may look like tasty treats to cats, they provide no nutritional value and pose health risks like obesity and toxicity. Regularly feeding your cat Oreos or allowing them to eat unchecked human food can set dangerous precedents and hurt their long-term health.

Be sure to keep all sweets, including Oreos, out of reach of curious felines. If your cat manages to sneak some cookie contraband, contact your vet if any concerning symptoms develop.

With discipline and care, you can help your precious cat friend live a long and healthy life.

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