What cat breeds are black? we Listed 15

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As a cat enthusiast, I’ve long been drawn to black cat breeds’ appeal and charm.

Their stunning appearance, fascinating history, and distinct traits have drawn many to adopt these majestic felines as companions.

They offer pet owners more than just an eye-catching aesthetic – they come from diverse breeds with distinct characteristics and traits.

What cat breeds are black

From the sleek Bombay to the playful American Shorthair, these breeds offer something for everyone.

Though black may seem like an obvious color choice, it comes in various shades and patterns, from solid pitch black to deep chocolate hues, giving each breed something unique.

The History and Charm of Black Cats

Black cat with white spots
Black cat with white spots

Black cats have been the subject of superstition and folklore for millennia.

In ancient Egypt, black cats were considered sacred and worshiped as deities.

However, in medieval Europe, they were considered companions of witches, often persecuted and executed alongside their owners.

This belief continued into the Salem Witch Trials in the late 17th century when they were often seen as accomplices to witches who were eventually executed alongside their owners.

Though their history is dark, black cats are also seen as symbols of good luck and prosperity in many cultures.

Japan believes a black cat with a white spot on its chest brings good fortune, while Scotland views one appearing on your doorstep as an indication of wealth.

Today, they remain unique to many, their charisma and appeal growing stronger.

Common Misconceptions about Black Cats

Black cat - a great companion
Black cat – a great companion

Unfortunately, they still face many misconceptions and prejudices today.

One of the most widespread is that they bring bad luck or misfortune; this superstition has often led to abandoned or mistreated black cats during Halloween, although this may be just an urban legend.

Another myth holds that black cats are more aggressive or have behavioral issues than other cat breeds. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth; black cats are just as loving and affectionate as any different breed, making wonderful companions.

It’s essential to remember that a cat’s coat color does not dictate its personality or behavior. Every cat, regardless of color, has unique quirks and traits which make them unique.

So if you’re considering adopting one, don’t let these misconceptions stop you – you may find your ideal furry friend!

The Role of Black Cats in Popular Culture

Black cat - Halloween

They have had a longstanding presence in popular culture. From the witch’s familiar to the black cat crossing your path, these felines have an extensive history in literature, film, and art.

Some of the most well-known black cats include:

They also have long inspired artists and writers, their captivating appearance and mystic aura making them popular subjects for paintings, poems, and stories.

Celebrating National Black Cat Day
October 27th - National black cat day
October 27th – National black cat day

Every year on October 27th, cat lovers worldwide celebrate National Black Cat Day.

This day raises awareness about their beauty and value while combatting some of the associated stigma and misconceptions.

List of 15 Popular Black Cat Breeds

Now that we’ve discussed the history and misconceptions surrounding black cats let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular breeds.


Bombay cats
Bombay cats

This breed was designed to resemble a miniature panther with its sleek black coat and piercing gold eyes.

They are renowned for their playful personalities and affectionate disposition.

American Shorthair

Black American Shorthair cat
Black American Shorthair cat

While this breed comes in various colors, its black coat stands out.

They are known for their social natures and warm personalities, making them excellent family pets.

Scottish Fold

black Scottish Fold cat
black Scottish Fold cat

This breed is easily recognized by its distinctive folded ears, round face, and plush black coat.

They possess an endearing personality, being playful and loving toward humans while enjoying spending time together.

Oriental Shorthair

Black Oriental Shorthair cat
Black Oriental Shorthair cat

This breed comes in various colors, but its black coat stands out.

They have earned a reputation for intelligence and lively personalities that enjoy playing and exploring.


black Sphynx cat
Black Sphynx cat

Though this breed doesn’t have a traditional coat, their black skin still makes them stand out.

They are known for their affectionate and playful personalities and require regular grooming to keep their coat healthy.

Maine Coon

Black Maine Coon cat
Black Maine Coon cat

Though not typically considered a black cat breed, the Maine Coon can be found in various colors, including black.

It stands out due to its large size and luxurious, shaggy coat.

Devon Rex

Black Devon Rex cat
Black Devon Rex cat

This breed is renowned for its distinctive curly fur in black and many other colors and patterns.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Black Norwegian Forest cat
The black Norwegian Forest cat

This breed has a range of coat colors from black to white and is known for its distinctive features, such as its robust body and tufted ears.

These cats, known for their affectionate and gentle nature, make excellent companions for families and cat enthusiasts.

Turkish Angora

Black Turkish Angora cat
Black Turkish Angora cat

The Turkish Angora is a breed known for its long, silky coat that comes in various colors, including black.

They have a slim build and sweet, playful personalities.

British Shorthair

Black British Shorthair cat
Black British Shorthair cat

British shorthairs are typically known for their blue-gray coat, but they can also come in black with plush, dense fur and expressive eyes.

Cornish Rex

black Cornish Rex cat
black Cornish Rex cat

This breed features an elegant curly coat in various colors and patterns.


Black LaPerm cat
Black LaPerm cat

The LaPerm is a breed with a curly, soft coat that can be black or any other color.

They have a playful, affectionate personalities and enjoy cuddling.


black Persian cat
black Persian cat

This breed is renowned for its luxurious, fluffy coat and flat face.

They come in an array of colors, including black.

Egyptian Mau

Black Egyptian Mau cat
Black Egyptian Mau cat

This breed is distinguished by its spotted coat and captivating green eyes but can also be found in a black variation.


Black Burmese cat
Black Burmese cat

This breed is renowned for its sleek, muscular physique and bright golden eyes; however, they can also be found in black, which is rare.

Unique Traits and Characteristics of Black Cat Breeds

The eyes of a black Bombay cat
The eyes of a black Bombay cat

These breeds are known for their distinct characteristics and traits, making them even more alluring.

Though each breed differs, many of them share certain traits.

For instance, they tend to be perceived as mysterious and unfriendly than other cats, which makes them seem even more alluring.

Many of them possess striking eyes, from piercing gold to bright green. This is especially true of breeds like Bombay or American Shorthair with dark coats that draw attention to their eyes.

Black cats also tend to have sleek and shiny coats, which look particularly stunning when exposed to sunlight.

They possess a range of personalities, just as any other breed. Some are outgoing and social, while others are more independent and reserved.

Many are also known for their playful antics, making them great companions for families or individuals searching for furry friends.

Caring for Your Black Cat: Health and Grooming Tips

Maintaining a black cat requires special considerations and commitment.

Here are some tips to keep your furry friend healthy and content:

  • Regular grooming: They have glossy coats but still require regular grooming to stay healthy. This includes brushing their fur, trimming their nails, and cleaning their ears.
  • Proper nutrition: Feeding them a balanced and nutritious diet is essential for their health and well-being. Please consult your veterinarian to determine the most suitable food type for them.
  • Regular check-ups: Cats also need regular check-ups with their veterinarian, just as humans do, to stay healthy. Doing this helps detect any health issues early on so they can be addressed before becoming more serious.
  • Provide plenty of playtime: Like all cats, they need stimulation and exercise to remain healthy and contented. So please provide them with toys, scratching posts, and plenty of space to run around and have fun.

Adopting a Black Cat: What to Consider?

If you’re thinking about adopting a black cat, there are a few things to consider.

Most importantly, ensure you can provide them with love, attention, and proper care throughout their lifetime and be financially responsible for any necessary expenses.

Before adopting any pet, it’s essential to consider your living situation and lifestyle. Do you have enough space for a cat? Can they get enough playtime and exercise?

Finally, remember that adopting a black cat means taking in an exceptional companion. They have an intriguing history and distinct traits which set them apart from other cat breeds.


Black cat breeds are a gorgeous part of the feline world.

From their fascinating history to their unique traits and personalities, they offer much to be a companion.

By adopting one, we can embrace its beauty and charisma while providing them a loving home.

Whether you’re an experienced cat parent or considering adopting your first feline friend, don’t underestimate the appeal of black cat breeds – they may steal your heart!

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Fluffy, my first cat, is now 15 years old but still acts like a playful kitten. She loves nothing more than a good game of chase the mouse toy or bat the pom poms around the house. Despite her age, she pounces around with astonishing agility. Fluffy also enjoys curling up on my lap for naptime and kneading her paws into my legs as I gently stroke her soft fur.

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